Katarzyna (Catherine) Szymon – A stigmatic from Poland



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Catherine Szymon called by many people ”Katarzynka”, was born on October 21, 1907 in Studzienice near Pszczyna.


When she was less than two years of age her mother died having left six orphaned children

Her father, a forest employee, soon remarried. Katarzynka’s stepmother was nothing but unkind towards her, taking no heed of Catherine’s young age, her stepmother exploited her to do all the housework in the home. Despite her difficult childhood, Catherine learned to pray and since then she would spend her every spare moment praying particularly, for the reformation of her father, who frequently came home drunk and beat his children. Her prayers were heard – her father mended his ways and prior to his death he even joined the Third Order of Saint Francis

Catherine Szymon lived all her life in the neighbourhood of Katowice, the mining region where by hard work where they had been extracting coal for many years.

The inhabitans of this region are known for their piety and religiousness, which is based on an old Polish saying: "Do not leave your home without God”

Many of the Katowice residents heard of Catherine – only a few knew her personally

Catherine Szymon did not have a home of her own. She would find modest accommodation offered by friendly and kind-hearted people. From 1946 and for most of her life she lived in Pszczyna. However, she spent her last years at the house of  Marta Godziek in Katowice – Kostuchna,

From 1981 Catherine lived there permanently. Many people used to pay her a visit :

doctors, priests, teachers, seminarists and nuns. She would provide them with any help and advice on how to live and how to suffer




Turza – a town not far from Katowice – is a place of the famous Mary’s sanctuary under the invocation of Our Lady of Fatima.

Catherine and her chauffeur would arrive at this place on 13th and 29th day of each month, to participate together with other pilgrims in night pray-watches.

During such expiation nights Our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is carried in a solemn procession.

Pilgrims with candles in their hands follow Him, who for his love of man, became nourishment for eternal life.