Katarzyna (Catherine) Szymon – A stigmatic from Poland



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Catherine Szymon lived all her life in the neighbourhood of Katowice, the mining region where by hard work where they had been extracting coal for many years.

The inhabitans of this region are known for their piety and religiousness, which is based on an old Polish saying: "Do not leave your home without God”

Many of the Katowice residents heard of Catherine – only a few knew her personally



Małgorzata Piksa from Studzienice says: "I have known Cathy since her early childhood. I remember her as a modest person always with her rosary, always smiling, always cheerful,  she would address a person telling them: do not quarrel, live in peace and harmony, keep smiling. That is how I know and remember her: modest, free of sin, smiling at everyone, the elderly, the young or children. She was always open to people.

 This testimony may be viewed in the film



Maria Kuszka says: She was a very honest and good human being. I learnt a great deal from her – I gained more from her than from a retreat. She was a paragon of virtue to us, she spared no pains.She used to go church, walking the distance of 7 kilometres everyday, not minding the weather. She never relied on any vehicle, always going on foot .

 Catherine’s sufferings always intensified during Lent, she suffered then in a particular way in unison.


 It was during Holy Week when she fell three times. Just like Jesus Christ had.  Her wounds ripped open. You could see a great pain and a horribly white face. Blood seeped from the spots which Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns had left. It was those pores that were bleeding. And then the agony followed. I would rather omit the description of agony, as it made my heart bleed. I will never forget that moment -  the moment of what was happening and how it looked. It seemed to ages take. Perspiration streaming down her face, her pupils close to bursting, and the tears flowed. She was in such a condition for about 20 minutes –  looking as if she had been outside This world. I thought then that she would not regain consciousness.

 This testimony may be viewed in the film



Krystyna Bem says:

"I was planning to take the veil and therefore I often attended Mass and divine services of the Holy Sacrament. It was then when that I took notice of Catherine, she was often present in church,

praying distinctively, in a penitential pose, kneeling constantly. Catherine was in church when I arrived,

and she was there when I was leaving. She was transfixed on the Holy Sacrament. I saw her mostly with her beads in her hands".

 This testimony may be viewed in the film


Karol Kolba, a lawyer from Bielsko-Biała says: "Catherine was a true emissary, sent from heaven, for the times in which we live. Being gifted with charisma of suffering and prayer, she could attract people, even though she did not wish it. I guess it was a kind of specific magnet, a magnet of love and submissiveness, able to attract those, who were able to read the appropriate signs of the time. Catherine’s true message was to tell her beads. Apparently, Catherine, despite being literally unable to read or write, could win with her beads the souls of people who felt attracted to her. The words from Gospel of Saint Luke the Evangelist Cross one’s mind here – of Christ saying to all by turns: To the publicans. "Do nothing more than that which is appointed you. Do violence to no man, neither slander any man and be content with your pay". Catherine used to convey a similar message: "stay pleased with what you possess, do not desire material things so badly that they could kill your spirit ". Catherine Szymon spoke like St. John the Baptist,  but unfortunately, not all the people listened to her. It is with great regret that we had to bid her farewell, but I think that the task she handed over to us, will be realised by publicising her thoughts and words. We trust we will be able to attract many people who stay away from God, and from true Christian ideas and deeds.

 This testimony may be viewed in the film