Katarzyna (Catherine) Szymon – A stigmatic from Poland



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Pilgrims with Father Kubasiak and Czekaj

 at the home of Catherine Szymon



Holy Mass in the house in Catherine
Priests Kubasik and Czekaji


Understandably, Catherine Szymon was visited by many priests. Father Aleksy Płatek says


I was in the second year studying the faculty of philosophy and theology when I visited Catherine Szymon first, she told me:"You will be a priest”. It helped me with my difficult studies, as it did with my prayer and everyday life. Today I thank God for more than six years of being a priest.


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Father Marian Więckowski says: I met Miss Catherine Szymon in Kostuchna

in 1979. Mr Płonka took me to meet her, since then I visited her for five years. I had the opportunity of speaking to her as well as witnessing ecstasies Miss Catherine experienced regularly.


I also visited her with Holy Communion on several occasions, and I said mass two or three times on Miss Catherine’s request.


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 One of the last priests to get to know Catherine a few months before her death was the priest Jan


Catherine Szymon was in a critical condition when I met her. She suffered from an immensely painful illness, but did not complain. She only mentioned that: "it is time to depart, I must prepare for my last journey”. There was no fear in her eyes, on the contrary, she was confident, that once her earthly pilgrimage was over, she was bound to receive what she believed and trusted.


 This testimony may be viewed in the film