Katarzyna (Catherine) Szymon – A stigmatic from Poland



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Father Pio - These are just a few of  many chosen by the Heavenly Master, to bear His Saviour Wounds. Throughout the period of two thousand years following Christ’s birth there were over a hundred stigmatics in the catholic church. , They lived in different periods and countries being to their contemporaries a living proof of  Passion of God’s Son Jesus Christ. ,

It will remain a secret of God’s Mercy, how many prodigal sons and daughters have found their way to God the Father after encountering in person with the people bearing stigmata.

You are certain to find them in the lens of an amateur cameraman, who recorded the funeral ceremony of a Polish stigmatic Catherine Szymon who passed away on August 24, 1986


Jesus of forgiveness and Mercy – through the services of Your Holy Wounds

Jesus of forgiveness and Mercy – through the services of Your Holy Wounds

Jesus of forgiveness and Mercy – through the services of Your Holy Wounds

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, let God raise you from the dead on the day

of doom – live in peace. Let us commit the body of our sister

to the earth, for Christ rose from the dead as the first of the dead and will renew our mortal bodies like His adorated body. We trust that when He arrives in Glory,

He will raise our sister from the dead.




When I came to the funeral on August 28 I could see  no wounds on her palms.  They were healed and her body was limp although it was the fifth day after she had died. There was no smell typical in such circumstances. On the contrary, the only scent noticeable was that of a healthy person.

Catherine Szymon will remain in my memory for ever. I owe her so much as do those who accompanied me on ny visits. She was to us a living example to us. She taught us to pray, to be patient, humble, trusting. She kept repeating that only a prayer, humbleness and trust can change another man, or change the world. That was what she begged for. She went on asserting Almighty God’s kindness, and mercy for all the people, each and every person.

 This testimony may be viewed in the film


Catherina Szymon’s grave in the Kostuchna cemetery is often a place of gatherings for her spiritual sons and daughters, who come to pray for reformation of sinners and for God’s Mercy to the world.