Katarzyna (Catherine) Szymon – A stigmatic from Poland



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 On November 16, 1985, on Church Holiday of Our Lady of Mercy, an amateur VHS camera recorded, an extraordinary and one of its kind documentary, of Catherine Szymon’s ecstasy.

ECSTASY: "Oh Jesus, oh Jesus you see - sweet Jesus. You were so horribly murdered by a sinful people. They murdered You, Jesus and nailed You to the Cross, oh Jesus. Sweet Jesus, love, Jesus love all your children. Jesus, love those who abandoned You and receive them. Jesus do not cry, give me your tears, Jesus, don’t cry, Jesus. Will all those children go to Heaven? Oh Jesus, will those who are crucifying You go, too? The entire world is crucifying You, oh Jesus have mercy, have mercy over your children, Jesus. Save them and take them all to Heaven. And those inveterate drunkards. And those who committed the terrible sin of incontinence. And those broken marriages,

and unborn children. Oh Jesus receive them in Heaven, forgive them everything, oh Jesus, take them to Your care, oh Jesus, Jesus”

 "My daughter - If they wish to go to Heaven – there must be much penance and offering. Then I will forgive them. But not everyone because there are throngs of sinners, there are multitudes of children killed”.

 "Jesus I cherish  You. Will You really never leave me, of Jesus, never leave children who have come. Take them to Your care”.

"Daughter -  I’ll take them – they will not perish. They must do penance. I will open Heaven to them".

One must very often tell one’s beads. One must do penance, and offering. You shall all ponder on My Passion. Have you understood? The one who does not cherish me and does not give oneself away to me, has no life inside themselves! And the one who cherishes Me will stay with Me for eternity. And I deliver you before My Father.