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Katarzyna’s Life 

Katarzyna Szymon was born on 21.10.1907 in Studzienice. She was christened and received her First Holy Communion in the parish church in Pszczyna. Her mother passed away when she was only a one-year-old baby. Since her early childhood she displayed the gifts of prayer, contemplation and solitude. Only Holy God understood her contrition of heart. On the eighth day of March 1946 she received stigmata on both hands, both feet, under her right breast and on the forehead. She cried with blood-stained tears. She was endowed with many miraculous gifts such as an encounter with Jesus Christ, Saint Mary and other Saints, a gift of being simultaneously at two different places at different times, fathoming out people’s hearts and consciences, speaking foreign languages (including Hebrew and German despite being unable to read and write ). Many a time, as witnesses testify, “Holy Communion descended and rested on her very lips”. This very miracle, evidence and other facts can be watched in the film which is available for downloading or viewing free of charge on www.KatarzynaSzymon.pl (com). Stigmata along with sufferings had lasted The for 40 years till her death. The Heavenly Address she received during her ecstasies is in conformity with the Church’s teachings. Extraordinary humbleness and sufferings she had gone through make the slightest mistake in discerning her charismas impossible. They are a warranty of holiness.

In 1983 John Paul II met with her in Katowice, he embraced her and said to the  accompanying bishop Bednorz: “Look after this person, please”. Katarzyna Szymon died on August 24, 1986. 20,000 people attended to her funeral among whom there were many priests. 




Katarzyna Szymon was witnessed by many to have received Holy Communion straight from Heaven. According to countless eyewitnesses, many a time “Holy Communion descended and rested on her very lips”, The Host floated in the air from the distance of 1.5 meters towards Katarzyna and rested on her lips”. The photographs taken by a Czech priest recorded this phenomenon. Blood-stained tears and Wounds of  Crown of Thorns are visible in the photographs, too 

 This testimony may be viewed in the film












The stigmatic’s grave is located on the Holy Trinity parish cemetery at 34 T. Boya-Żeleńskiego (, Katowice-Kostuchna (postal code: 40-750), Poland. 




TRANSPORT connection to church and CEMETERY 

A room at Marta Godzieks home in which Katarzyna Szymon suffered, prayed and received pilgrims from 13.11.81 to 24.08.86. 



Katarzyna Szymon’s blood-stained tears 


Katarzyna Szymons funeral. 




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